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ROI and UX

Ok, now we underline the importance of UX but now let's talk about real stuff - Money. Ignorance of UX, rather an excuse given by many people to do not follow UX Processes is that they think it is a TIME and MONEY waste.


UX Portfolio Guide

People have mixed feelings on portfolios and their value. One thing for sure is that if you wish to maximize your job hunt potential, make your portfolio the best it can be. It will open so many doors for you.


The pros and cons of testing for UX design ability when hiring

We're all keenly aware of the development and evolution of the portfolio for the purposes of seeking employment, but an often overlooked element of the hiring process is the design task.


Gradual Engagement: A growth hacking tool at your disposal

Gradual engagement is a process, not just a sequential combination of screens. The old model consists of two parts A and B that you need to master in order to reap the biggest reward and outcome. An important aspect is to create a smooth and consistent path from start to finish.


Designing the Search Experience

Designing the Search Experience weaves together the theories of information seeking with the practice of user interface design. Read chapter 2 of the book from Tony Russell-Rose and Tyler Tate.


Who Needs To Get Out Of The Building When I Can Simply Run Experiments

Startups and early product teams are forced to validate their products and markets. They should validate their value proposition frequently especially in the early days when there are few commitments. Startups have gone into few relationships and have established few dependencies and therefore can change directions easily. Few things are set in stone.


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